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Furniture repair for your couches, tables, chairs, bed frames and more.

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Good for your wallet

Instead of throwing out your broken furniture consider having it fixed by “repair pei” we can fix most damaged household furniture conveniently in your own home. Whether you have a problem with your couch or bed we can do it all. We are in most cases able to repair your furniture in a way that will make it much stronger than when it was new.

Good for the environment

With over twenty-eight billion kilograms of garbage produced in Canada each year(based on a study in 2009). We can all do a little bit more to try to decrease our impact on the beautiful environment of Prince Edward Island.

If fixing a couch that sags a bit, or a rocking chair that is squeaky, can help to keep the environment of PEI clean and save some money in the process, how could we not do it?

Transparent pricing...

Are you wondering if it is economical to fix your furniture, or if it is better to just throw it out?
Well we believe in having a very transparent pricing system so you will know what to expect….

The cost for any service call in Charlottetown is $40 to evaluate if your piece of furniture is repairable. If not there is no other charge, if it is repairable then there is an additional charge of $35 for up to an hour to fix your piece of furniture.

For any additional time needed the charge is $30/hour. All though we are able to fix most things within the first hour.

For locations out of town there is an additional charge of $0.40 per kilometer from Charlottetown.

If you have any questions or want to book an appointment, feel free to call us. Or fill in our service request form »